“Hockey for a Day”

The CYDA Belfry Hockey team is a proud advocate and supporter of the CCYHA Blue Jackets Special Hockey team and values sharing the great sport of hockey with those of all levels of ability.  The mission of Blue Jackets Special Hockey is to give people with physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities the chance to play the sport of Ice Hockey in an adapted environment to optimize participation and inclusion for all athletes.  Many of the CYDA Belfry Hockey players participate weekly as peer models for the Special Hockey team and enjoy the experience of helping others reach their potential.

Recently, the CCYHA Blue Jackets team hosted “Belfry Hockey for a Day”; bringing the skill development practice strategies from CYDA Belfry Playmakers to the special needs community.  This great event showcased the best elements of the sport combining Squirt and Peewee athletes from Belfry Hockey with the Blue Jackets Special Hockey athletes to create an all-inclusive skill development practice, as well as, an opportunity to showcase the off-ice values of both organizations.  Coaches Adam McHugh and Alex Morrow ran a productive and fun practice; including how to perfect your goal celebrations with the “duck hunt” and “kayak” signature moves.  The Blue Jacket athlete’s had a great time skating with Belfry Hockey and we all look forward to the next combined practice.  Above is a team photo of the great day at the rink.