Newark Ice Arena COVID-19 Protocols

Ahead of upcoming ice times, there are new Arena Guidelines that need to be followed as the normal hockey landscape has changed due to COVID-19.  Please view/download the link below before hitting the ice this season.

– 2020 Newark Ice Arena COVID-19 Protocols

Key Notes:

Masks MUST be worn in the arena at all times.  The only exception is when on the ice. Masks can be removed for players and coaches immediately before entering ice and must be worn immediately after leaving the ice. 

There will be no locker rooms available at this time.  Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before and depart at least 15 minutes after your ice time.  Players should space out around the lobby and inside the rink to  put on skates and helmets. Please limit the number of guests with each skater if possible. 

Those are the two big keys and takeaways at this time.  The link to the PDF also shows what is happening at the rink to try and keep everyone as safe as possible.