Saturday, January 25, 2020
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About Us

logo iconPlaymakers Hockey USA is proud to return to the Greater Columbus Ohio area, with CYDA, for our 3rd year of training.

CYDA is proud to be the Ohio Youth Hockey Association that is the home for the players in the Belfry Hockey Playmakers Development Program. In 2011, NHL Skills Coach Darryl Belfry started a private youth hockey Development League, based in St. Catharines, Ontario. 


That league was in direct alignment with Mr. Belfry’s observations as an NHL Skills coach as to what is needed in a players developmental years as a vital component to maximize players’ opportunities to reach their potential and have long term success in the sport.  Those observations and LTAD research and recommendations into effective and efficient player development have led to the development of this program.  In 2013, Mr. Belfry brought his youth training to Ohio for a one month camp that enjoyed tremendous success and was followed by another 4 week camp in the spring of 2014.   That success was followed by a full blown expansion into Ohio for the 2014-15 season.


In 2015 CYDA was formed by the parents of players in the Belfry Hockey Program as a non-profit hockey association to hopefully expand opportunities for the players and parents in it and who may be interested in a high level alternative development program and structure not otherwise available in Central Ohio.

Playmakers Development League Brand:

The focus of the Belfry Hockey program is centered on translate-able skill set principles consistent with the appropriate physical and biological stages of youth development.  Players in the Program practice twice a week and then play a theme game where they are asked to implement the practice theme into a game situation.  Practice to game ratio is approximately 3 hours of practice to each 1 hour game, consistent with LTAD research and recommendations for the players in the Program.


All games and practices are videotaped.   From the skills practiced in the week, all games are subject to a measureable training to game transfer analysis.  Essentially, the players in the program are involved in a fun, season long progressive development and performance plan.  


Skills are taught in proper development order and players are expected to immediately transfer what they are learning from practice directly in the games, without fear of failure. The structure has weekly transfer goals or themes.   Games are measured not for goals or points.  Instead the players are asked to recognize game conditions when the skill set they learned during the week can be applied and to attempt to apply that skill set. The video from the games is analyzed to provide an objective measure of the players development path.


The frequency in which the player can either recognize a game situation they can use the skill set is vital because long term it allows the player to learn how to manipulate games to arrange the conditions in which they can execute the skill set. The ultimate goal for any player is the ability to dictate the outcome of the game.  A focus not on short term goals but long term learning without the external negative pressures of a win-now mindset, but use of practices and games to focus a development path on how to manipulate conditions and recognize opportunities to utilize specific skill sets, and with regular objective personal feedback on the players’ growth, is a ‘next level’ opportunity that is exclusive to the players inside the Development League.


Darryl Belfry 

Mr. Belfry is an NHL skills coach retained by numerous NHL and AHL players to teach foundational skills.  In late 2014, Mr. Belfry was hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs as part of their overhaul under Brendan Shanahan and has added Player Consultant to the Leafs to his impressive resume.  Mr. Belfry has personally developed the season skill progressions, practice plans and progressive skill development goals for the weekly practices for CYDA players.  He has personally trained the top notch instructors that run his Ohio Program and oversees implementation of the on-ice portion of the program with regular feedback and communications with the instructors during the season.